March 17, 2015
Hilda Martin

Over $93 Billion in Searchable Construction Projects Now Available!

A Revista milestone has been reached! We have finished a first sweep of the country for medical construction projects. There are now over 1100 searchable construction projects in planning or in progress comprising around $93 Billion in project value in the RevistaMED database. We owe a shout out to our lead researcher on construction – Gary Infante – who has been working diligently to fill in information on locations, square feet, project cost, start and open dates and more. To access, go to Revista’s Property Search tool. Under the drop down “Status” choose “Construction”.

Some first blush stats:

55% of that $93B are spent on projects adding square feet to an existing hospital or building a new hospital. 174 projects are planned or in progress for a new or replacement hospital.

62% of medical office building project square feet are off the hospital campus supporting the theory that a lot of systems are moving their ambulatory settings out into neighborhoods in order to build market share, improve visibility and more effectively deliver care.

Stats for hospitals and medical office buildings only:

Top 10 states construction – all tracked construction projects:


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