July 25, 2019
Mike Hargrave

Revista to Debut Trends for the Top 50 Metros and host 2nd Quarter Webcast on 7/31.

Revista has been hard at work collecting data on medical properties in the top 125 metro areas for several years.  As a result, we are very excited to be able to bring to our subscribers trend data for the top 50 metros beginning this year.  Supply/demand and Rent trends will begin appearing in Revista’s products which will empower subscribers to better analyze macro market risks and opportunities.

Below is a table displaying several key metrics covering the top 50 metro areas. The data covers medical office properties (MOBs) 7,500 or more in size.  Generally, Revista’s trends will start in 2018 and build from there.  Thus far the data shows for the top 50 metros that occupancy is very stable as supply/demand appear to be in balance.  In addition, same store rent growth is currently trending at 2.2%.

There are stark differences, however, across the Top 50 metros.  For instance, YOY SS rent growth ranges in 2Q19 from 0.0% to 4.9% with the Birmingham MSA coming in at the high end.  Occupancy also has a wide range from 83.4% to 96.0% across metros.

Revista will host a 2nd Quarter, 2019 webcast on the Top 50 Metro Trends for subscribers on Wednesday, July 31 at 11:00 a.m. ET. For more information or to register (subscribers only) please contact Nicole Robinson at nicole@revistamed.com.