December 16, 2020
Mike Hargrave

Revista Updates Top 50 Owners of Medical Real Estate

Revista has posted the 2020 version of the top 50 owners of medical real estate to its subscriber website.  The full report provides summary and detail analysis on the 50 US largest owners of medical real estate.  Not for Profit hospital/health systems (Non-profit), For Profit hospital/health systems (For-profit) and healthcare focused real estate investment trusts (REIT) that make available year-end balance sheets are analyzed in this report. Data are measured on a gross basis with depreciation backed out.

Overall, the top 50 owners of medical real estate owned $436.5 Billion (B) worth of gross, undepreciated real estate at the end of 2019 and The top 50 owners grew their real estate holdings by 6.1% in 2019 from year end 2018 when it was $411.5B.

Below are the 5 largest owners of medical real estate.  To access the full report consider a subscription to Revista.  For more information, please contact Hilda Martin at (443) 949-8794 or

5 Largest Owners of Medical Real Estate. Value of Real Estate Holdings by Year.

Kaiser Foundation Hospitals (Oakland, CA)$40.5B$43.0B
Ventas, Inc.$25.0B$27.1B
Hospital Corporation of America (Nashville, TN)$19.4B$21.5B
Ascension Health Alliance (St. Louis, MO)  (year-end June 30)$20.6B$21.5B
Data source: data based on 2019 year-end balance sheets.