January 18, 2018
Mike Hargrave

2017 Development Survey Now Open Through February 9th!

The Revista/Healthcare Real Estate Insights 2017 Outpatient Development Survey is Now Open – Click Here to Participate!

Healthcare Real Estate Insights and Revista have partnered to create the healthcare real estate industry’s most comprehensive survey of outpatient medical construction activity. Below we are asking you to complete a series of questions about your 2017 outpatient construction projects. Please complete information as completely and accurately as possible. We are seeking information at the company and project level for construction projects that exceed $2.5 million in value and are adding at least 5,000 square feet. Projects may be new construction or expansions. Please call Mike Hargrave at 301-873-1542 or email mike@revistamed.com with any questions.

Outpatient projects include all medical office buildings, outpatient surgery centers, dialysis centers, clinics, freestanding ERs/EDs, imaging centers, urgent care centers, retail medical buildings and other purpose built medical buildings where outpatient care is provided. Buildings may be on campus or off campus. If the project includes inpatient beds then please do not consider it outpatient. Please exclude parking structures and land in total project figures.
Healthcare Real Estate Insights and Revista will tabulate summary results which will be publicized and all survey respondents will be provided summary results including a comparison of how your firm compares to the summed results. Healthcare Real Estate Insights and Revista will also publish rankings.

Please provide accurate and complete information. We are seeking information from only those firms that have lead development responsibility for outpatient projects detailed below. This survey can accept up to 12 projects per company response. If you have more projects to submit please contact mike@revistamed.com. All data will be independently verified by Revista. If you prefer a printed form of these questions please email mike@revistamed.com.
The Survey Deadline is February 9, 2018. There is no charge for participating in the survey and we will not charge you for the results.