April 24, 2018
Mike Hargrave

2017 Transaction Data/Reports by Investor Type

Revista has posted year end 2017 MOB transaction reports by investor type. These new reports detail transaction activity for 3 types of investors – Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Hospitals and Health Systems and Private Investors. Each of the 3 reports provides detail on volume trends, pricing, share data, as well as data for the most active investors and metro areas. The reports are available exclusively to subscribers of Revistamed.com. For subscription information please contact Hilda Martin at hilda@revistamed.com.

Here are a few highlights from the reports:

  • REITs were the most active buyers in 2017, buying $7.2B worth of MOBs. REITs accounted for 45.8% of the MOB buying volume in 2017.
  • Private Investors purchased $5.2B worth of MOBs in 2017 but sold $7.0B for a net disposition of -$1.8B in 2017.
  • Hospitals and health systems sold $1.5B worth of MOBs to REITs in 2017 – this was up 47% from $1B sold in 2016.