September 27, 2018
Mike Hargrave

Access Physician Practice Revenue Data and Analytics Through Revista’s Property View Reports

Did you know Revista’s Property View Reports (PVRs) contain detailed physician and other provider revenue data by specialty? That’s right, the PVRs contain Medicare billing and revenue summary data by specialty for providers and practices located in a medical building. The PVRs provide (calendar year 2016) data by specialty including the total number of services, submitted charges, total Medicare payment and the Medicare payment allowed. In addition, market share within 5 miles is provided for each of these metrics.  There is also a link to a deeper Medicare revenue report within the PVR.

Subscribers to Revista can use this information to conduct market research and to help underwrite medical properties. Specifically, the data allows a user to see which medical practices or specialties within a building are dominant. The data also shows the 5-mile market share for each specialty’s billing and revenue data which enables users to assess which practices are strongest in local markets. Users can even use the data to help underwrite a medical property by assessing Medicare revenue information, payor mix data and rental rates.

For more information or to inquire about a subscription to Revista please contact Hilda Martin at or (443) 949-8794.

Revista Medicare Revenue Data