August 5, 2014
Mike Hargrave

List your property…

Did you know you can claim a property as yours on Revista for free?  Owners and agents can claim properties, signify that space is available for lease or identify the property is for sale.  Here is how:  First, make sure you are logged in to  Once logged in, go to the property search page ( and find the property you want to claim.  Click on the property name or click the button that says “Property View Report”.  Once the report is up, you simply want to click the “claim this property” link located in the upper right hand portion of the report.  This link will take you to the claim this property form to fill out.  There are just 2 pages to the form, just complete them out and click “send request”. Its that simple!  You can upload photos of the property and we will review and post your information once approved.