March 20, 2018
Mike Hargrave

Here are the top 5 MOB Trophy Markets

Revista’s transaction report ranks the top metro areas by transaction volumes from 2015 to year end 2017 (3 years). Here are the top 5 markets. The most active market during this time has been LA/Orange County which has seen $2.9B worth of MOB transaction volumes. LA/Orange also has the lowest cap rate/yield at 5.7%.

A previous post mentioned Atlanta was the most active market in 2017 with MOB volume of $1B.

Revista’s transaction reports cover both hospitals and MOBs and include great detail on volumes, pricing including cap rates and price per square foot as well as cuts by buyer and seller type and details by metro. The reports are supported by Revista’s leading healthcare real estate transactions database which is available exclusively to subscribers of Revista. For more information please contact Hilda Martin at or (443) 949-8794.

 Top 5 Markets Ranked by MOB Transaction Volume; 2015, 2016 and 2017

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