July 24, 2017
Mike Hargrave

Office with Medical or MOB?

As you may know, Revista tracks both Medical Office Buildings (MOBs) and Office with Medical Buildings (Office-Med).  To qualify as an MOB, a substantial majority (usually all) of the tenants must be either healthcare or directly related practices.  In addition, MOBs are usually purpose built for healthcare or have been retrofitted for healthcare use.  Office-Med buildings, on the other hand are generally built for office purposes but have some (usually 3 or more) healthcare practices in the building along with a mix of general office tenants.  Office-Meds can often present challenges for healthcare practices such as parking and access, among others. As such, the ratio of Office-Meds to MOBs can be an important stat to monitor market by market.  A relatively high ratio of office-meds could indicate a lack of suitable MOB stock in a market and present opportunities for development or redevelopment.  Nationally, the average Office-Med to MOB ratio in counties with 200 or more providers is 20%.  In counties with 1,000 or more providers it is 28%.  Below are the counties in the US with the highest Office-Med to MOB ratios (1,000 or more providers in county).  For information about other counties or other uses with Revista’s national data files, please contact Mike Hargrave at mike@revistamed.com.