August 22, 2017
Mike Hargrave

Revista Releases first ever Medical Real Estate Metro Rankings Report

Revista has posted the Mid -2017 Top 50 Metro Rankings Report for Medical Real Estate to its subscriber portal.  Revista partners and Revista full national access subscribers Revista can access through “my Revista” page located at  The Revista Top 50 Metro Areas Rankings Report provides CBSA level rankings for key metrics on medical real estate.  The top 50 metro areas are based on the 50 largest metro areas from information provided by the Census Bureau.  Key metrics on property counts, total SF, average MOB rents, construction totals, transaction statistics and density are provided for each of the top 50 metro areas as well as in aggregate.  This report is exclusive to Revista partners and to Revista full national access subscribers.  To learn more about access, please contact Cynthia Wharton at or (443) 949-8794.

top 50 metros

50 Largest CBSAs by Population (US). MAP overlay is population growth 2016 to 2021 (darker = higher growth) MAP source Open Street Map Contributors