June 12, 2018
Mike Hargrave

DuPage Medical Group Sells Several Trophy MOBs to Harrison Street

DuPage Medical Group (DMG), of Downers Grove, Illinois ( has recently sold a group of trophy MOBs to Harrison Street Realty Capital (HSRE).
July 24, 2017
Mike Hargrave

Office with Medical or MOB?

Office-Meds can often present challenges for healthcare practices such as parking and access, among others. As such, the ratio of Office-Meds to MOBs can be an important stat to monitor market by market
June 27, 2015
Mike Hargrave

MOB Prices Trending Near All Time Highs…

If you feel like medical office pricing is about as high as it can go, you would have a point these days. The current 2nd quarter average price per square foot is running near $330 per square foot for MOBs.